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Writing Workshop

Working on a sci-fi novel? Fantasy? Horror? Want to be sure you're on the right track? This year, Chessiecon will host Building a World: The Genre Fiction Workshop, open to up to six writers working in the diverse world of speculative fiction. Led by developmental fiction editor and literary horror/dystopian novelist Harrison Demchick (The Listeners), Building a World is an opportunity to sit down with fellow authors to analyze, critique, and improve those crucial first 10,000 words of your novel-in-progress. If you're serious about making sure that the early chapters of your novel engage your readers--if you want your characters clear, your story engaging, and your world compelling and tangible--then this is the workshop for you. To sign up, send an email to programming@chessiecon.org.

Harrison Demchick came up in the world of small press publishing, working along the way on more than fifty published novels and memoirs, several of which have been optioned for film. An expert in manuscripts as diverse as young adult, science-fiction, fantasy, mystery, literary fiction, women's fiction, memoir, and everything in-between, Harrison is known for quite possibly the most detailed and informative editorial letters in the industry--if not the entire universe.

Harrison is also an award-winning, twice-optioned screenwriter, and the author of literary horror novel The Listeners (Bancroft Press, 2012). He's currently accepting new clients in fiction and memoir at the Writer's Ally (http://thewritersally.com).

We will have our usual mix of music, mythic programs, writing workshops, games, art, dancing, and discussions on varied topics. Stay tuned!

Program Participation

If you are interested in participating in programming at Chessiecon 2017, email us at programming@chessiecon.org. Include your name, website, what it is you do, and what you're interested in doing at the convention.

Note: this does not guarantee that we will have space in our schedule this year for all people interested, or that you will be assigned to any specific panels.

To suggest a programming item, please fill out the form below. The first 4 fields are required.