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  • Please read the Chessiecon COVID-19 Safety Policy
  • Reservations are open for our room block in the Lord Baltimore. See the reservation information on the hotel page
  • Email programming if you have program ideas or want to be on a panel
  • We are planning to hold Chessiecon 2021 as an in-person convention. It will be wonderful to see you all again!
  • As always, we need volunteers to run the con. If you can help, please send an email to info@chessiecon.org or message the con chair on Discord.
  • Do you have a discord account? Join our parent organization, TSFS, where you can keep up with Chessiecon planning, keep up with friends, ask questions, and get announcements straight from the staff! Join us here!

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Until 10/31At Door
Young Adult
Children under 12 are always free.

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TSFS, Inc.
PO Box 83032
Gaithersburg, MD 20883-3032

A small con with a 45-year tradition

Chessiecon is a science fiction and fantasy convention put on by the Thanksgiving Science Fiction Society to continue in the tradition of DarkoverCon. The con emphasizes the work of women creators of science fiction and fantasy in literature and art. Chessiecon has over 200 hours of programming including writing, music, gaming, art, and science. Come and browse the dealer room featuring an eclectic mix of handmade items, books, games, and more. Join in the traditional Turkey Awards and the Midnight Hallelujah Chorus.

The convention is run entirely by volunteers. See the Volunteers page if you want to help.

Chessiecon will require proof of vaccination and wearing of face coverings that cover nose and mouth. See the full safety precautions here.

Danielle Ackley-McPhail

Guest of Honor

Award-winning author, editor, and publisher Danielle Ackley-McPhail has worked both sides of the publishing industry for longer than she cares to admit. In 2014 she joined forces with husband Mike McPhail and friend Greg Schauer to form her own publishing house, eSpec Books (www.especbooks.com).

Her published works include seven novels, Yesterday's Dreams, Tomorrow's Memories, Today's Promise, The Halfling's Court, The Redcaps' Queen, Daire's Devils, and Baba Ali and the Clockwork Djinn, written with Day Al-Mohamed. She is also the author of the solo collections Eternal Wanderings, A Legacy of Stars, Consigned to the Sea, Flash in the Can, Transcendence, Between Darkness and Light, The Fox's Fire, The Kindly One, and the non-fiction writers' guides The Literary Handyman, More Tips from the Handyman, and LH: Build-A-Book Workshop. She is the senior editor of the Bad-Ass Faeries anthology series, Gaslight & Grimm, Side of Good/Side of Evil, After Punk, and Footprints in the Stars. Her short stories are included in numerous other anthologies and collections.

In addition to her literary acclaim, she crafts and sells original costume horns under the moniker The Hornie Lady Custom Costume Horns, and homemade flavor-infused candied ginger under the brand of Ginger KICK! at literary conventions, on commission, and wholesale.

Danielle lives in New Jersey with husband and fellow writer, Mike McPhail and four extremely spoiled cats.