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Welcome to the Chessiecon Time Travelers' Social!

Friday night in the main ballroom, join us as we return to the Days of Yesteryear or the Future that Might Become. Show off your finery from whatever era (past, present or future) from fantasy, history or history-that-never-was. Listen and dance to the sounds of special Chessiecon musical guests. Play a round of croquet, backgammon or chess.

Let the works of Jules Verne, Tamora Pierce, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Spider Robinson, Hayao Miyazaki (or your own original fantasy, science fiction or media source) be your inspiration. Our emcee, Carl Cipra, will introduce those who wish to take a stroll under the Chessiecon Arch and roving judges will come equipped with ribbons to recognize their favorites. Special awards will also be available.

Photos from 2014 Time Travelers' Social