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Videogame Hours

Friday 2pm - midnight

Saturday 10am-2am

Sunday 10am-4pm

Game Room Hours

Friday 4pm - midnight

Saturday 9am - midnight

Sunday 9am - 2pm

Gaming may be open additional hours, based on staff availability.


Concardia is a new kind of game, unlike any other. Instead of buying it in a store, you collect it at an event! At a ConCardia event, players visit the ConCardia table, get the starter set of cards and a rules explanation if needed. They then adventure around the convention, seeking out vendors, performers, and others with cards to give them. Cards could be anywhere! Learn more at http://www.concardia.info/


Chessiecon now has a video gaming room! Come enjoy console and PC games with a little something for everybody. Showcases of various games throughout the day, as well as open gaming. Bring your laptop or use one of our computers to join in on our Minecraft server or play Artemis (costumes encouraged!). And don't forget to sign up for the Super Smash Brothers Brawl tournament on Saturday night!
Click for this year's schedule!


SimTerra is a fast paced boffer LARP set in an unforgiving post-apocalyptic Earth that has been reshaped by magic and monsters. Five centuries after cataclysm destroyed civilization, humanity and it's descendants still struggle against the dangers lurking just past their meager barriers. You are a Cryogen, someone from our time, that has just awakened to a very different world then the one they remember.

Come join us for a high-action scenario where swords, sorcery and gunpowder all mix.

Sign up at the door or reserve your time slot, then pick one of our quick-play skill sets choosing a combat styles (Power Swing, Twirling Blades, Block & Counter; Sneak Attack; Ranged Aim) or school of magic (Life heal & harm; Forces elemental damage; Fortune enhancement; Mental field control.)

For more information contact us at simterra@googlegroups.com , find us on facebook or see our main page http://simterra.net

Board gaming

Come experience timeless classics and the newest games on the market, European strategy and American warfare. From the cooperative, to the competitive, to the downright deceitful.

Got games? Bring them along and share them.
Have a favorite game? Volunteer to teach it.
Got a story you want to tell? Run a role-playing session.
Have a game you want to learn? Request a Learn To Play!

Contact our GameMaster, Trevor Schadt, at gaming@chessiecon.org with any requests, or to volunteer. YOU can make ChessieCon's Game Room even more exciting!