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Chesapeake 1-2


2PM-3PM Setting the Wards

As this is a new space, it's time to bless the room, the con, and the hotel that the place be a peaceful, playful, learning environment. Butler. Open Participation

3PM-4PM The Dragon at the Door

A discussion of dragons in Myth and SF/F. From The Flight of Dragons to Pern and Smaug, bring your points of discovery. Butler

4PM-5PM Shabbat

Traditional Shabbat candle-lighting with Torah portion and open discussion. Butler, MacLeod

5PM-6PM The Myth of Chessie the Seamonster

Chessie, the Chespeake Bay creature, has become the icon of ChessieCon. What do you know about this mysterious creature that swims through the Bay and in local Maryland and Virginia lore. M. Woodling talks about the different aspects about Chessie, cryptid, lake monsters and sea monsters, manatees and harbor seals, Chesapeake Bay environmental icon, tutelary spirit of the Bay region, etc. Let's talk legends, lore, and water creatures!


6PM-7PM Making Wands

Come and make something for enchantment. Glitter, wood, seeds, and stones provided. Having fun. Children and adults 12 and over. Children under 12 must have an accompanying adult Butler

9PM-10PM Tea With the Ancestors

A quiet time with those who have passed this year of others. Rothschild

10PM-11PM Open Drumming and Noisemaking

Bring your rattle, your drum, your blocks, and enjoy.

11PM-Midnight Healing Circle - no incense

Haven circle representatives

Midnight-? Ochossi and Oshun - Circle of Light

A meditation on the journey of a shepherd to become the Divine Hunter. Charles Butler, Fancy Butler, and others


10AM-11AM Shapeshifters and Shamans

A discussion of shapeshifters from werewolves to vampires, and those who see through the eyes of animals. The Wizard of Earthsea, Rhomylly from Darkover, Wolverine, the Wolf-Man, Dracula, and other beasts. Butler & Hird. Hird

11AM-Noon Signing Practice for Hallelujah

Learn basic ASL signs for this song to be sung at midnight. We will need a team to take parts so anyone with basic sign knowledge is welcome to participate. I will be leading the chorus so I canít sign at the same time. We are looking for four individuals or groups of individuals to take each of the parts. Butler

Noon-1PM KaffeeKlatch for Klergy

Do perfect strangers ask you for spiritual help, prayers, healing, comfort, how to connect to the universe? Annual tea for those in service. Open discussion Butler and others.

2PM-4PM Tea and Tarot

Open reading swap for diviners sponsored by Chesapeake Pagan Community Woodling

4PM-5PM Labyrinth Class

Talk and walk. Labyrinth history, story, drawing, and uses; questions encouraged. Lindsay

5PM-6PM Falling Stars Ritual

Remembering those who have died this past year in fandom and in family. Rothschild

6PM-7 The Parable (video & discussion)


10PM-Midnight Dangerous Meditations

Limited to people aged 18 and over who are stable, because some kinds of energy work can affect your psychological structure. Intended to be a mix of warnings, ideas, and some experience, but if a proposed meditation bothers you, just sit it out. Knowing how to ground is a good idea. Tamar Lindsay


Midnight-1AM Healing Circle - incense may be used

Haven, Rising Sun, and others.

10AM-Noon Michaeline Mass

Open Mass for fandom presented by the Order of St. Michael. Rev. Katherine Kurtz and Others. Kurtz

Noon-? Feedback Session for Mythic Track

What worked? What we can add? Open Participation

2PM-3PM Closing the Wards

Cleaning the space for the next occupants.