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4:00pm - Serial Experiments Lain (Eps 1-3)
5:15pm - Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (PG-13)
6:30pm - The Outer Limits: Black Box
7:15pm - Leverage: The Rashomon Job
8:00pm - Game Companion (Short)
8:12pm - After the Dark (R)1
10:00pm - The Big Lebowski (R)2
midnight - Video Closes


11:00am - Saturday Morning Cartoons!
noon - Aladdin (G)
01:30pm - Cowboy Bebop (Eps 1-3)
02:45pm - Are You Afraid of the Dark?: The Tale of the Silver Sight
04:00pm - What Dreams May Come (PG-13)
06:00pm - Ghostbusters (PG)
07:45pm - Video Closes


11:00am - Gunslinger Girl (Eps 1-3)
12:15pm - Columbo: Murder with Too Many Notes
02:00pm - Video Closes

Warning: The Video room is not a babysitting service, I will only turn away children during the two R rated films on the schedule. Otherwise I will let anyone in.

1Big Lebowski - Rated R
Language - This is a Coen film.
Drugs - Its the Big Lebowski.
Sexuality - Big. Lebowski.
Violence - Mostly for humor.
Awesomeness - It is the story of The Dude.

2After the Dark - Rated R
Some violence - minor and underplayed.
Sexuality - non-explicit
Drug Use - Minor
Philosophical thought - Constant