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Board Gaming

Come experience timeless classics and the newest games on the market, European strategy and American warfare. From the cooperative, to the competitive, to the downright deceitful.

Got games? Bring them along and share them.
Have a favorite game? Volunteer to teach it.
Got a story you want to tell? Run a role-playing session.
Have a game you want to learn? Request a Learn To Play!

Contact our GameMaster, Trevor Schadt, at gaming@chessiecon.org with any requests, or to volunteer. YOU can make ChessieCon's Game Room even more exciting!


In Chessiecon's video game room, our mission statement is to give you a fun, safe environment for everyone who loves video games to come play, with a focus on good sportsmanship and friendly bonding over games. We have several consoles old and new, and we add to our collection every year! Come play on our provided computers or bring your own to play Minecraft, Artemis and many other PC titles, bring your 3DS or other handheld games, or just come to watch or join in our other gaming-related events and contests! Whatever your fancy, we do our best to provide for video game fans of all ages.

Our Team

  • Saria: Video Gaming Coordinator and Crazy Headcrab Lady
  • Cory Laidlaw: Minion
  • Rakath Delaney: Minion and Projector Man

What's New?

  • We've moved! We can now be found in Timonium, next to the boardroom.
  • Rakath Delaney has joined the party! We offer him a hearty welcome aboard our team and are more than happy to have him.
  • This year we will be hosting the 2015 Creeper Awards! Build to your heart's content on our new Minecraft map, and our top three best builds of the weekend will recieve fun prizes, including the grand prize of a $25 gift card for any of Chessiecon's vendors! Keep watching this page for more details.
  • Click here for screenshots from last year's Minecraft projects!
  • If you're a fan of Moldy Toof Studios' hit game The Escapists, be sure to try Hotel Baltimore, a custom map built specially for the convention and inspired by the Raddison North Baltimore hotel. You can check out any time you like, but will you ever leave? Click here for demo screenshots and summary.
  • We are excited this year to bring you Crypt of the Necrodancer, Brace Yourself Games' award-winning Rogue-like rhythm game! Use the keyboard or dance pad to explore the crypt, fight monsters, and gather treasure, but do so to the beat! Check out the link above to vote on our choices of custom music!
  • We love running contests and tournaments, but we'd love to hear what kind our audience would like us to run next year! If you have an idea for a game you'd like to see a competition made out of, a gaming-themed contest, or anything else competitive and about games, send us an email with the subject line "Contest Idea" and let us know! Or if you'd like to run your own competition and use our space, email us and we'll find a place to put you on the schedule!
  • We need computers! If you have a spare laptop of tower with Windows 7 or more recent that you'd like to give or lend to the room for the weekend, drop us a line.
  • We are hereby announcing the details of Spooky, Scary Saturday! Saturday night from 10:30 to midnight we will be dedicating our room to horror games, complete with spooky decorations. Click the link to see what games we have this year.
  • A new challenger approaches! Daisy Todd will be hosting a late night Super Smash Brothers 4 tournament on Friday at midnight. The grand prize is a custom-painted gamecube controller! Click here to see the flier, and here for the rules!
If you have any questions, something to donate or loan to the room, or would like to suggest a game you'd like to see in the future, please send us an email!