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Our Artist Guest of Honor is Tabitha Ladin!
Our artists so far:

Rosemary Amanda
Fantasy and sci-fi inspired fine art

Sarah Clemens
Fantasy, Magnus & Loki

Daniel Cortopassi
Fantasy/sci-fi themed cat prints.

Soft sculpture fantasy creatures

mixed print/paint reverse on plastic

Theresa Mather

Maia B W Sanders
scaly creatures of fantastic origin, of all types.

Loren Damewood

Instead of charging a commission on sales, Chessiecon charges a hanging fee. Fees are:

  • $15 per 4'x4' panel
  • $9 for a half panel
  • $12 per 6' table
  • $8 for a half table.

As part of our mission to foster the creation and promotion of SF&F works in all forms, we encourage new and upcoming artists to display at our show. To that end, we will offer a limited amount of display space free of charge to qualifying artists. Please contact artshow@chessiecon.org to open a conversation about how you can qualify.

To pre-register for the art show, go here and login or create a new account. Once logged in, choose "Chessiecon" from the left-hand menu.

Art Show Rules

  • All entries of original art or prints must be your own work (or copies of your own work) on a science fiction, fantasy or fannish theme. We will not permit the resale of previously purchased artwork
  • Only single copies of limited edition prints (under 500 copies) will be allowed in the Art Show. Larger edition or undocumented prints will be entered in the Print Shop.
  • We will have a Print Shop for the sale of multiple copies of prints at a fixed price. You must display the original or a copy of your piece with a notification that prints are available at the print shop. Up to 10 copies of any item will be accepted. All sales will be for a fixed whole-dollar price.
  • Once an item has been entered in the Art Show, it may not be withdrawn or the conditions of sale (e.g., the minimum bid amount) changed without the consent of the Art Show Director.
  • All flat art must be matted, framed or otherwise mounted. Framed works must have a wire for hanging.
  • All art must be identified on the reverse with the artist's name and the title.
  • Art sold in the dealers room by the artist may not be sold in the art show.
  • In order to be represented by an agent at the convention, you must complete the agency section of the reservation form and provide your agent with a signed letter of agency to present at the Art Show.
  • Artists may display a "Quicksale" price on their art. Once artwork is sold via Quicksale, no bids may be placed for the piece. Artwork receiving silent auction bids will become ineligible for Quicksale and will be sold to the highest bidder.
  • Art with no bids will be returned to the artist.
  • Payment for art sold will be mailed within 4 weeks after the convention.
  • The art Show Director reserves the right to limit display space per artist.
  • Display of all art is subject to the discretion of the art show director.

Mail-In Rules

All Mail-In Art must meet all General Art Show rules in addition to:

  • Mail-In art is limited to twenty (20) pieces using no more than (2) panels. Panels are 4' x 4'.
  • A layout diagram must be included in the package with your pieces, to aid us in hanging your art.
  • All shipping, handling and insurance costs are the artist's responsibility. A return address label, check for return shipping, and any insurance must accompany the artwork.
  • There is a $10 handling fee for mail-in art.
  • Return address labels MUST include a street address, not just a PO Box.
  • Method of return shipment, if not specified, will be at the discretion of the art show staff. We will do our best to accommodate preferred shippers.
  • So that we have your art in time for the show, mail-in art must be received by Saturday, November 12th.
  • Unsold art will be shipped back within 4 weeks after the convention. The artist's packaging will be used to return unsold art. If all art is sold, the packaging will be thrown away unless otherwise instructed, in writing, by the artist.
  • Contact the art show director at artshow@chessiecon.org for the mailing address.