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12/31/205/1510/31At Door
Young Adult
Children under 12 are always free.

To Register

As you are probably aware, Chessiecon 2020 has had to move online, despite our hopes to hold an in-person convention. But the ongoing pandemic has dictated otherwise. Virtual Chessiecon 2020 is free with a pre-registration to 2021, or $10 if you want to attend only in 2020.

To register for 2021 by mail, please send a note listing the name of the person(s) registering, along with your check, to:

TSFS, Inc.
PO Box 83032
Gaithersburg, MD 20883-3032

Please make checks payable to: Thanksgiving Science Fiction Society.

To register for 2021 by PayPal please
go to our registration site.

Click here to apply for vendor spaces.

To register only for the online Chessiecon 2020, please send a check to the above address, or use PayPal (payments at chessiecon dot org) , with a note (very important!) listing the name of the person(s) registering, and also let us know if you want to be a vendor. Again, registration is $10/person, regardless of age or vendor status. If registering for 2021, you do not need to register separately for 2020.