Costume Showcase

Chessiecon usually has a catered Time Travelers' Social during which attendees can show off their costumes. For a virtual con, we plan to present a video compilation of costume presentations. You can share your costumes in a short video or a set of photos which will be shown as a slide show. You may share one costume or several. They can be costumes that you have entered in masquerades or hall costumes; they don't have to be new. Below are some guidelines that will make it easier for us to put the video together.


  1. The slide show or video should not be more than 5 minutes total length
  2. You may include a voice-over explaining the costume style, time period, fictional universe, and/or character it represents
  3. Any background music may not be under copyright, or you must own the copyright
  4. Please keep the costumes and presentations at a PG rating
  5. Video format: Prefer MP4 format; Landscape orientation with 16 by 9 aspect ratio
  6. Audio format: Prefer MP3 or WAV format
  7. Photo format: Prefer JPEG or PNG; Portrait orientation with a 3 by 4 aspect ratio
  8. Email if you have a question about the media file formats

Due date: November 19 at midnight.

Send your costume presentation media files along with your name, costume titles, and documentation about the costumes to

Time Traveler
Man with Raygun
Man in Garb