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The Chessiecon 2020 Discord server will have Chessiecon Vendors Channels. Vendors will be given their own text channel, and if desired, a video channel. Vendors should put a link to their own websites, or online merchandising site in the text channel. This channel can also be used to answer questions customers may have. The video channels are intended to be used for things like demonstrations, or for display of artistic pieces the vendor wishes to sell.

It is each vendor's responsibility to collect state sales tax (currently 6% for all purchases). We are required by law to provide a list of vendors to the state for purposes of collecting state sales tax.

Chessiecon reserves the right to reject a vendor application for any reason, including but not limited to inappropriateness or duplication of merchandise, or space limitations.

If you are vending at Chessiecon 2020, please be aware of any legal requirements regarding selling your wares online. Chessiecon cannot be held responsible for violations of Federal, State or Local regulations which may apply.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact vendors@chessiecon.org