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Hello Chessiecon,

It's been a while, hasn't it? I for one had no idea if we were going to be here in 2021 after the events of the past few years, but I'm so glad to see we have made it to another in-person year. I'm looking forward to getting back on the horse and running video gaming again. However, I have decided to run video gaming on a smaller scale than I usually do this year, and there will be some changes to minimize the amount of work for myself and my volunteers, and to more easily control the flow of attendees to keep any remaining shreds of COVID-19 risk as low as possible. I really, really hope that this is the only year I'll have to do this, and that next year we can go back to full functionality, but in the meantime please keep these changes in mind and be patient with us while we get back into gear.


  • We will open at 3 PM on Friday, as normal. On Saturday and Sunday morning, we will be opening at 11 AM.
  • On Friday and Saturday night, we will be soft-closing video gaming (shutting the door to new attendees while allowing those inside to keep playing) at 10 PM, and then officially closing at 11 PM or when present attendees leave, whichever comes first.
  • Our Sunday afternoon end-of-con Jackbox games will begin at 12 PM, when we will be soft-closing any TVs and computers not in use outside of Jackbox. We will shut down all other games at 1 PM, and officially close the room at 3 PM.


  • There will be no early morning Kids' Swim this year. This means that there will be absolutely no moderation of T or M-rated games, or of language used by other attendees (outside of discriminatory or abusive language, of course.) While other attendees can choose to moderate themselves in the presence of children if they so desire, there is no rule in the room against profanity or mild adult content unless someone explicitly expresses discomfort. As such, if you are uncomfortable with your children potentially seeing or hearing such content, do not bring your child or leave them unattended in the room.
  • Tragically, there will be no 1-Cup Talk Over Tea this year. I know a lot of people look forward to it, but my signature homemade cookies are just not in the cards this year, and a safe way to distribute them and/or create a social distanced discussion circle are questionable. I hope this is the only in-person year I'll have to skip this, because I do love making cookies for you all.
  • There will only be a few scheduled games this year, including Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes, and Jackbox games, at bare minimum. The rest of the schedule will be almost exclusively open gaming. If you have a specific game you'd like on the schedule, please email me at videogames@Chessiecon.org to request it and I'll see what I can do.

  • We will be showing a Saturday morning matinee on the projector; From 11 AM-1 PM we will be playing a few Japanese, English subtitled episodes of Hoshi no Kaabii (Kirby of the Stars, known as Kirby: Right Back At Ya! In its english release)
  • There will be no major Saturday evening competition this year. Instead, we will be hosting a weekend-long challenge:
    • The Hidden Gems Challenge - every year, there are many games on our shelf that go unnoticed, and we'd like to give them some love; if you find a game that has a special sticker on the back, play that game for 15 minutes and you will win a small token of appreciation.

Room Changes

  • We will only have one open gaming computer available at our computer station this year. This is to help with maintaining social distance, as well as give me one machine to worry about instead of the usual three. Attendees are, however, absolutely welcome to bring their own laptops.
  • There will be no freebie box this year. Attendees are still permitted to bring outside food and snacks, as long as they clean up after themselves and keep food and drink away from the computer station and keep open drinks under their seat away from consoles.
  • There may be fewer or limited use of TV stations to help keep social distance. Many of our multiplayer games have long controller cords or wireless controllers so multiplayer games can still be an option.
  • Our random game generator, the Eggs-Box, will not be available this year. Instead, if you like the idea of being randomly assigned a game, I can go online to my backloggery account for you for a fortune cookie.
  • Our games will not be self-serve this year; if you want a new game, you will have to request it at the monitored desk, where a volunteer will fetch the game and set it up for you. Please do not request more than one game per hour, or if you do, please stick to games on the same console.

Policy Changes

  • While we have previously worked on the honor system, this year we will absolutely require your Chessiecon badge to be visible on your person at all times. If you don't have a badge or are not a member of hotel staff, you will not be permitted entry.
  • Video gaming will follow all of Chessiecon's pandemic safety measures at all times throughout the convention. Please respect all directions from convention staff and volunteers to maintain a clean, safe environment for all attendees. Harassment of anyone obeying or going beyond the call of our safety rules will not be tolerated.
  • When you are finished with a game (even if you're just going to another station to play a game there), please tell a game room volunteer so that they can clean off controllers and other surfaces for the next user. Please do this even if other people are still playing at that station, as well.
  • Use of the provided hand sanitizer at the game checkout desk or the main hub will be required before playing any of our games. Use of hand sanitizer upon leaving the video game room is also strongly recommended.
  • Due to the amount of workload and stress this year, we are strengthening our policies on disruptive behavior, such as yelling, running, disrupting other players, or rude comments. All attendees will be on a three-strikes-you're-out basis; if the problematic behavior is repeated after two warnings, the offending party will be asked to leave the video game room. Young children who have had a history of disruptive behavior in the video game room will be given one warning before requiring a responsible adult to be present with them at all times in the video game room.

Once again, this is all hopefully temporary in the face of unusual circumstances. We appreciate your patronage and your continued patience in these trying times, and hope that next year, we can be back to normal.

Thank you,

Video Game Room Coordinator for Chessiecon