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Help out! Meet people! Get stuff!

Earn credit toward future membership

1-5 hours: $1/hour

6-10 hours: $2/hour

11-19 hours: $3/hour

20 hours earns a credit of $45, which is the entire cost of a 2022 membership if you to register at the end of the con.

In addition, volunteers will receive a special thank you gift from Chessie!

To help us out please contact volunteer AT chessiecon DOT org.

Volunteers are needed for the following jobs:

Videogaming for room monitoring, setup, and miscellaneous upkeep. We need people to:

  • Ensure that the equipment is handled properly, kept clean, and accounted for.
  • Assist in setting up different consoles and games throughout the day.
  • Maintain a friendly and safe environment, which may include asking troublemakers to leave.
  • Make videogaming staff aware of technical difficulties and assist in solving them if possible.
  • Occasionally assist with passing out snacks, party favors, or prizes.
  • Help with cleanup and inventory at the end of each day.
  • Help with Thursday evening/Friday morning pre-con setup and Sunday evening post-con tear-down.

These jobs do not have to occupy the entire weekend. With more people shifts can be more easily divvied up and we can all see more of the con.